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Welcome to Renewable Energy of Texas, the foremost provider of solar panel solutions in Columbus, TX. With a remarkable 12 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for all your solar energy needs. As a licensed solar company, we hold the necessary certifications to ensure our work meets the highest industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional service and utmost customer satisfaction
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At Renewable Energy of Texas, we specialize in professional solar panel installation, offering efficient and reliable solutions to harness the abundant energy of the sun. Additionally, we provide top-notch generator installation services, including the installation of Generac standby generators and whole house generators. These backup power solutions bring you peace of mind during unexpected outages, ensuring your home or business remains powered even in challenging circumstances.

Our expertise extends to solar water heater installation, utilizing the sun’s energy to heat your water and reduce reliance on conventional energy sources. Our solar water heaters not only benefit the environment but also provide cost savings by reducing your energy bills. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive home energy audit services to help you identify areas where energy efficiency can be optimized. Our audits provide valuable insights and recommendations to make your home or business more sustainable and cost-effective.

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As a leading provider of solar services in San Antonio, TX, we proudly serve the surrounding areas! Schedule an appointment by calling us at (888) 215-3106.

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